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About Climbing in Laos

March 2000 Elke and I went to Luang Prabang in Laos to try
the climbs that have been put up be the '1999 Laos Rock Climbing
Expedition'. Climbing in Laos is in the
very beginning stage, none
of the locals climb, nobody really knows anything and on all four
days we shared the entire wall with only one white owl. (The
ground with a bunch of wild goats, though...)

On our first morning in Luang Prabang we found a boatman sitting
in front of our guesthouse waiting to take people to Pak Ou Cave
along the Mekong river. This is where every tourist goes, so why
wouldn't we? Ok, we did take a look at Pak Ou, did have some
Som Tam in the village opposite, but were more interested in the
red limestone wall that guards the merging of the Ou river into
the Mekong opposite Pak Ou Cave.

We had hired the boat for the full day to check things out. Moving
along the wall we couldn't find any bolts at first. So, we got off the
boat on a shallow grass bank just before the wall and scrambled up
to it. Seeing more and more signs of people having been up here,
we finally found a bolt belonging to the most right route on the wall.
We came back three more days to climb on this wall and especially
enjoyed the views from the belay station on the two-pitch climbs to
the left.

Every evening on our way back to Luang Prabang we got treated to
a beautiful Mekong sunset and some
lao lao from the boatman ...
luckily we didn't turn blind!

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Commuting to the wall

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The Wall and Ou River.

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Hanging in the wall.

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Belay station and Pak Ou Cave.

Me laying back on red limestone...

Mekong sunset.

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